13 Under the Wire

A Layla Remington Novel

International Thriller Writers Award finalist Gil Reavill returns with another riveting crime novel featuring detective Layla Remington—perfect for fans of Michael Connelly and Nevada Barr. As 13 Under the Wire unfolds, Layla’s dark and traumatic… More


13 Hollywood Apes

A Layla Remington Mystery

Praise for Thirteen Hollywood Apes: A Layla Remington Novel: “13 Hollywood Apes” is a high quality thriller filled with betrayal, murder and conspiracy. The characters in this book are so well done you would swear… More


The Earth's Last Wilderness

A Quest to Save Antarctica

Adventurer turned environmentalist Robert Swan illuminates the perils facing the planet come 2041—the year when the international treaty protecting Antarctica is up for review—and the many steps that can be taken to avoid environmental calamity.… More


Aftermath, Inc.

Cleaning Up After CSI Goes Home

A look into the disturbing but fascinating new field of bio-recovery, as a critically acclaimed crime writer rolls up his sleeves and delves into the world of Aftermath, Inc. The best way to understand the… More